Most IT systems have evolved over a company's lifetime. As you make isolated investments and upgrades in both infrastructure and applications, systems become more arcane and complicated to manage. To realise these efficiencies, your network must extend beyond your own organisation, linking your enterprise with key processes that reside on the Internet or with vendors, suppliers, customers and strategic partners. Network infrastructure management and monitoring are critical elements in the support and maintenance of enterprise network.

The only way to guarantee the optimal performance of your network is to rely on the expertise of network professionals. These specialists need to be equipped with a bundle of skills to deal with complex environments as well as tools and processes to ensure 24 x 7 coverage of your network. Initas' network monitoring service (NetMon) -a comprehensive management and reporting service gives you the peace of mind that your network is running optimally in proficient hands. Initas NetMon ensures around the clock availability of your mission-critical network.

Initas NetMon is perfect for companies that have:

The promise -Initas NetMon
Initas NetMon is one in a range of online management and monitoring services that offers different levels of service catering for even the most sophisticated client requirements. It includes: