Open Source

Open Source Solutions

Open source software (OSS) represents a significant shift in traditional enterprise IT. It can speed time to market and deliver substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs than other approaches. OSS also delivers comparable features and quality as well as greater deployment flexibility, enabling a more expansive use in enterprise applications. Initas leverages its open source-based solution stacks and governance structures to support the achievement of high performance.

Solutions and Support for Open Source Software

The value of open source software is clear: lower costs, higher quality, and no vendor lock-in. Initas helps enterprises maximize these benefits and safely use open source software by providing support, governance, provisioning, consulting, and training solutions.

Initas streamlines open source provisioning in order to help enterprises safely select and acquire open source software while ensuring it meets their needs and aligns with corporate policies.

Initas offers a wide range of consulting and training services based on proven industry best practices and years of open source experience. Initas’s consulting and training offerings include:

  • Open source training courses
  • Open source performance tuning, clustering, and other consulting services

Initas Open source implements and supports wide range of OSS solution, including the folllowing brands:

RedHat Linux
Squid Proxy Cache SugarCRM
Apache Ubuntu Linux